Prepaid is better than contract:

  • Cheaper per minute voice calls
  • Flexibility to move between networks
  • Phones can be bought for cash or financed through FNB
  • Contacts can destroy your bank account

If you’re on the Vodacom network, you should be on Prepaid – 

Gone are the day of free phones bundled into contracts. This isn’t Vodacom’s fault, to be fair you’re no longer wanting a Nokia 3210 but an IPhone 6 smart phone. You pay a monthly fee to get the phone on top of your contract price. So if I wanted a Apple IPhone 6 64Gb through Vodacom I’m in for R648.99 x 24 months which equates to R15575. The solution, pop into FNB connect and get the same phone for R575 x 24 months which means an all in cost of R13800, that’s a savings of R1775.

All in all, over the period of 24 months, including the phone and an itemised bill each month, you’re looking at a Vodacom price of R33 311. If I went the prepaid option and FNB, which provides full flexibility, over 24 months I’m paying R28 200.

That’s an overall saving of R5 111

Contracts have no billing limits

Ms Tarr, a Vodacom customer set R50 contract limit yet she received a R20,000 bill. Her contract also had a  R3,000 call limit and an R8,500 account limit, neither limit took effect. Vodacom says it has a disclaimer in its terms and conditions should a limit requested by a customer not kick in and the customer is therefor always liable.

Vodacom’s sets R50 limit and gets R50 000 bill 



2 Replies to “Contract vs Prepaid”

  1. 1 ) WHICH service provider lets your house alarm have a prepaid SMS bundle which does NOT expire every 30 days ?

    2 ) WHICH service provider lets you pay the full contract amount UP-FRONT in cash or do they all want access to your bank account so they can enforce UNILATERAL price increases ?
    Hence millions of customers would NOT want to authorize bank account access.

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