Telkom Data Bundle Comparison

Updated 9 January 2018

Telkom Time Based Data Bundles

Valid up to one day and usable on all networks

Rands MB R/MB Valid
R5 75MB 0.07 1 hour
R10 150MB 0.07 1 day
R39 500MB 0.08 12am Sat to 12pm Sun
R59 1000MB 0.06 12am Sat to 12pm Sun

Telkom Once Off and Reoccuring Data Bundles

Valid until the end of the next calendar month from date of activation
Website implies only Once Off bundles get additional Night Data valid 12am-7am
Roaming on MTN 3G only (not MTN LTE)

Rands MB / GB R/MB Night Data GB
R7.25 25MB 0.29
R14.5 50MB 0.29
R29 100MB 0.29
R39 250MB 0.16
R69 500MB 0.14
R99 1GB 0.1 1
R139 2GB 0.07 2
R199 3GB 0.06 3
R299 5GB 0.06 5
R499 10GB 0.05 10

Telkom Once Off – Large Bundles

Valid between 6 and 12 months
Roaming on MTN 3G only (not MTN LTE)

Rands GB R/MB Valid
R899 20GB 0.04 6 months
R1799 50GB 0.04 12 Months
R3199 100GB 0.03 12 Months

Telkom FreeMe Data Bundle

Data bundle valid 31 days from purchase
Roaming on MTN 3G only (not MTN LTE)
IM data is allocated to messaging and voice calls on WhatsApp, Viber & BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)
LIT feature includes free Google Music / Apple Music / Simphy on packages 2GB or larger

Rands GB R/MB IM Data TM only mins
R69 0.5GB 0.14 500MB 300
R99 1GB 0.1 500MB 300
R149 2GB 0.07 500MB 300
R199 3GB 0.07 500MB 300
R299 5GB 0.06 500MB 300
R399 10GB 0.04 500MB 300
R599 20GB 0.03 500MB 1 500 (any net)

Telkom Mobile Internet Starter Data Bundles

Data credited each month for 12 months
Only Available on Telkom More plan

Rands GB R/MB Note
R49 1.2GB 0.04 100MB/pm
R99 2.4GB 0.04 200MB/pm
R249 6GB 0.04 512MB/pm
R499 12GB 0.04 1GB/pm
R999 24GB 0.04 2GB/pm (may be in store)
R1999 60GB 0.03 5GB/pm (may be in store only)