To save money! Typically out of bundle rates for data are far more expensive compared to in bundle rates typical bundle rates are around 15c for 500MB while out of bundle rates are anywhere from 99c to R2 per MB making bundles over 1000x cheaper in most cases.

Operator out of bundle rates (OOB)

  • Vodacom – R2/MB
  • MTN -99c/ MB
  • Cell C – 99c/MB
  • Telkom mobile – 29c/MB

Bundles in general (not just data bundles) have limitations. Any data bundles will only be valid in South Africa and cannot be used while roaming and the per MB roaming charge is often more than R100/MB. Bundles also have a shelf life or a validity period before they expireIn general data bundles last 30 days but some special bundles can be valid for as short as one hour.

Previously bundles were only for prepaid customers, now as the operators have upgraded their systems most bundles are available for both prepaid and contract customers. Some operators have restricted their voice bundles to certain price plans. Typically the price plan with the voice rate per minutes is not able to purchase voice bundles.

RDM Time to wake up to out-of-bundle data rates

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